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Hardwood Parquét Flooring


Our hardwood parquét flooring products include Benchmark Oak, Creative Oak, and Inspired Oak. Each product comes in different patterns, widths, grades, textures, and colours. In addition, all Benchmark products have bespoke finishes with an original blend of natural oils and UV colour finishing for more longevity and aesthetic appeal.



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Plank flooring consists of individual wooden strips placed down on the floor to form various colour and textural patterns. The wood grain and natural colours give plank flooring a unique appearance every single time. People love the natural aesthetics which come with our plank flooring products.

Many people believe plank flooring has the most natural look because the colours and textures blend so well together. Sometimes it can be hard to notice the individual planks if the colours align perfectly.

Herringbone Flooring

The herringbone flooring design looks like the skeletal structure of a herring fish. That is how it got its name. The design features separate columns with rectangular blocks resembling short parallel lines sloping inward toward the middle. It is an unusual pattern, but it looks fantastic in virtually any setting.

The most common places you would see herringbone flooring designs are schools, dining rooms, living rooms, kitchens, cafés, restaurants, entrance ways, exits, libraries, and any area with many people walking around.

Chevron Flooring

The chevron flooring design looks similar to the herringbone flooring design. However, the main difference is that the herringbone flooring design has columns of parallel rectangular planks cut at 90-degree angles, while the chevron flooring design features planks cut at varying angles.

Chevron flooring is easier to expand because the planks are not pushed against each other, as you see with the herringbone flooring. In addition, chevron flooring tends to make a room look larger. If that’s the look you want, you will be pleased with the results of this flooring design.

Antique Oak Plank Flooring

An antique oak plank flooring design offers an Old-World aesthetic to your floors. It features a combination of dark and light colour tones, in addition to a small number of saw marks and scars for a truly rustic appearance. So if you want to create a conservative or traditional setting in your room, you will want to use the antique oak plank flooring design.

Versailles Panel Flooring

The Versailles panel flooring design features oak strips arranged into a unique pattern consisting of small triangles, squares, and rectangles. Some people describe it as an old European-style appearance. However, it looks great in almost any setting, including residential and commercial environments.

Flooring Accessories

Barham and Sons offers flooring accessories to anyone who needs to install or repair wood plank flooring. Our inventory of flooring accessories includes acrylic adhesives, pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesives, high-temperature grade vinyl adhesives, flexible wood adhesives, wood flooring screws, and flexible wood sausage.

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