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Oak and Walnut Plank Flooring


Our hardwood flooring products include Benchmark Oak, Benchmark Walnut, and Inspired Oak. Each product comes in different widths, grades, textures, and colours. In addition, all Benchmark products have bespoke finishes with an original blend of natural oils and UV colour finishing for more longevity and aesthetic appeal.



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Plank Flooring

Plank flooring consists of individual wooden strips placed down on the floor to form various colour and textural patterns. The wood grain and natural colours give plank flooring a unique appearance every single time. People love the natural aesthetics which come with our plank flooring products.

Many people believe plank flooring has the most natural look because the colours and textures blend so well together. Sometimes it can be hard to notice the individual planks if the colours align perfectly.

Benefits of Plank Flooring

One of the common reasons why someone decides to have plank flooring installed at their business or in their home is that this kind of flooring requires minimal maintenance efforts. This type of flooring is durable. Accidental spilling won’t stain the floor. Choosing to use plank flooring leaves customers loving their worry-free floors.

Another benefit is that when you select plank flooring, you’re actively choosing to keep your area cleaner than if you were to install carpeting. If you have pets or high traffic areas, carpets can trap dander, dirt, pollen, and mold. Wood plank floors do not trap or hold onto any of these contaminants, keeping the space free of potential health hazards.

If you’re a homeowner considering plank flooring for any part of your home, it might help to know that wood floors are seen by many buyers as an upgrade. This means that plank flooring can help to increase the value of your home. Some people are even willing to pay more for a home they like if it has wood plank flooring.

Even if you aren’t planning on selling your home or office space, investing in plank flooring can still impact your home’s value years after the installation. With the proper cleaning and maintenance, this type of flooring can remain in great shape for many years to come.

Home decor and improvements have become big business. Every single space holds the potential for personalization to match a person’s tastes and personality. This is where plank flooring shines. When you have the right plank flooring installed, you’ll never have to worry about changing a room’s aesthetics or design. Plank flooring provides a versatile canvas on which you can count on to go with any theme and decor.

When you want to relax, sit back and enjoy some of your favorite music, plank flooring could enhance your listening experience. Carpets muffle sounds in a room and do nothing to complement any music that fills a room. The acoustics of plank flooring allows sounds to naturally ebb and flow throughout a room, giving the listener a surround-sound experience. This could be why music and dance studios often seem to favor this kind of flooring.

Oak Plank Flooring

Different woods offer different benefits when homeowners select the type that’s best suited for their needs. When a stain is applied to oak, its hard grain makes it easy to get an even finish when staining. The stain can be just about any shade and oak wood will make it look amazing.

Walnut Plank Flooring

While oak brings strength, walnut plank flooring is a softer wood. The benefits of this softer wood include that it can lessen the sound of footsteps and creaking when someone is walking across the floor. Walnut plank flooring can also be more comfortable to walk on given its ability to absorb footfalls. This type of plank flooring should be used in areas where children aren’t likely to play or in a busy environment as it can dent due to its pliability.

Antique Oak Plank Flooring

An antique oak plank flooring design offers an Old-World aesthetic to your floors. It features a combination of dark and light colour tones, in addition to a small number of saw marks and scars for a truly rustic appearance. So if you want to create a conservative or traditional setting in your room, you will want to use the antique oak plank flooring design.

Flooring Accessories

Barham and Sons offers flooring accessories to anyone who needs to install or repair wood plank flooring. Our inventory of flooring accessories includes acrylic adhesives, pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesives, high-temperature grade vinyl adhesives, flexible wood adhesives, wood flooring screws, and flexible wood sausage.

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