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Hardwood Doors


Hardwood doors can help give a sense of luxury in your home, with the solid wood helping to give a reassuring ‘thunk’ sound when closed. Hardwood doors are also very strong, helping to keep your home more secure. Another benefit of hardwood doors is that they are easy to maintain.



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Hardwood Doors

Hardwood doors are sturdy, potentially lasting for generations. Keeping them looking good is relatively easy, with the occasional sanding and finishing leaving them looking as good as the day they were installed. Another advantage of hardwood doors is that they’re good sound insulators, helping to keep rooms like bedrooms quiet.

You can have hardwood doors made from numerous types of wood, and you can also have them stained to give them the colour and texture you want. Hardwood doors also come in different styles, including the following:

Many people believe plank flooring has the most natural look because the colours and textures blend so well together. Sometimes it can be hard to notice the individual planks if the colours align perfectly.

Panel Doors

Panel doors are great-looking doors that are made of different panels, as the name suggests. The panels are often solid wood and are made up of different patterns and designs, helping to enhance their appearance further. Some panel doors will have glass panels instead of wood, helping to improve visibility as well as looking great.

Glazed Doors

Glazed doors are those that have some glass in them. The amount of glass varies from a single small-pane, to designs where there’s more glass than wood. The glass panels can also be made in different shapes and designs to help complement a home’s décor. The glass can be clear, while it can also be frosted or similar.

Firecheck Panel Doors

Firecheck panel doors are panel doors that help to protect the home from fire. If there is a fire, a firecheck door will help to slow the spread while also limiting how much smoke circulates throughout the property. Firecheck doors look just as good as any other door, meaning they can contribute to your home’s aesthetics.

Firecheck Glazed Doors

Firecheck glazed doors are firecheck doors with one or more pane of glass incorporated into the design. The glass that’s used will also help to slow the spread of the fire and smoke, helping to keep the home’s occupants as safe as possible. The glazed sections help to ‘open up’ rooms, making them appear more spacious.

The hardwood doors we’ve mentioned are typically used as internal doors, separating rooms. Which type you use will depend largely on the rooms in question. After all, you wouldn’t want glazed doors for the bathroom or bedrooms.


Hardwood doors are available in a range of colours, meaning you are bound to find something that fits perfectly with your home décor. You will also find hardwood doors available at a range of prices, from budget designs to more luxurious offerings. Price is often a deciding factor when it comes to doors, along with other aspects like personal preference. Regardless of which type of hardwood door you’re interested in, give us a call and we will be happy to help. Our team is on hand to answer any questions you might have.

You can reach Barham and Sons for more information on our hardwood doors at +44 01638 568971.









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